screen makes it easy to turn your already deployed Machine Learning Model into a complete web application.

When connected to your deployed ML model, Booklet creates a responsive user interface for model inference and makes it easy to integrate your model into your existing services. is free to use for your first ML model.

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Key Features

Booklet is designed to help data scientists implement the software-engineering portion of an ML model deployment. This is done with the following features:

  • Connects to models across multiple platforms - SageMaker, AzureML, MLFlow, and custom models are supported.
  • Create a web app without code - there’s no need for Flask, Docker, React, etc. Tell Booklet about your input schema and we do the rest.
  • Create an HTTP API without code - Expose a RESTful web service for model inference to your engineering team or to the public.
  • Integrate - Easily connect your model to your business systems (data warehouses, CRM systems, and more).